How to Choose the Right SEO Company in Vancouver?

If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, then you’re losing a lot of potential customers. Businesses are getting more and more competitive, and it is imperative for you to dominate the search engine ranking for keywords that are relevant to your local business niche. That’s why it’s important to find the right SEO company in Vancouver.

Local search engine optimization refers to the practice of improving a website’s search engine rankings for local search results. For instance, if you’re a printing company based in Vancouver, you could benefit from having your site ranking on the first page for keywords, such as “printing services Vancouver” or “print documents Vancouver.” It also helps to have your business listed on other popular local search tools, such as Google Maps.

You may not have the skills or the time to manage every aspect of your website SEO. A number of on-site and off-site optimization techniques are used to improve a website’s search engine score. A better option is to look for a reliable SEO company with proven track record in helping businesses succeed in Vancouver and neighboring areas.

Here are some tips on choosing the right SEO company in Vancouver:

Review their Clientele

Request the SEO agency you’re considering to furnish a list of their existing and past clients. It helps to contact one or two companies and inquire about the SEO company’s services.

Discuss SEO Strategy

Ask the marketing agency about the exact strategy it will use to get you ranked for relevant keywords. Discuss the methods the agency uses in detail. Make sure that the company employs both on-site as well as off-site optimization for best results.

Check their Understanding of Webmaster Guidelines

SEO companies are required to adhere to the best practices laid out in the webmaster guidelines of the respective search engines. Failure to comply with the guidelines can result in imposition of a severe penalty on your website by the respective search engine.

Stay Away from Companies that Guarantee Search Domination Results

Despite their best efforts, SEO companies are unable to guarantee results to clients. Search engines have complex algorithm and even the best SEO practices don’t always translate into higher ranking.


Find out how frequently the SEO company in Vancouver will communicate with you. What kind of reporting structure does the agency offer? Who will be the point of contact and how often will you hear from them? Also, will the company share all changes/updates as they happen on the site?

A company has to keep you notified about all modifications it makes to the website pages for on-site optimization.

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